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         龙八国际官网下载二维码地址 Well for serial entrepreneurs Randy Ray & Wendy Lewis, it all started with a trip to a doctor’s office! Years ago when Randy was having trouble with his mobility due to knee pain, they took a trip to L.A. to see Dr. Nathan Newman a board certified dermatologist who was having success with stem cell treatments, ultimately Dr. Newman was able to help Randy but that was only the start of things to come!

While at the office, Wendy noticed a jar in a glass case and asked someone in the office “what is this?”龙八国际官网下载注册登录they replied that is a cosmetic serum that is used to help heal and treat the skin. Wendy tried it & fell in love with the results (…nothing like being a product of the product). Wendy and Randy, always having an entrepreneurial mindset, set up a meeting with Dr. Newman to inquire about the serum which had seemingly magical powers.

Well I wasn’t at the meeting…so I will share with you what Randy & Wendy had to say about the meeting at a conference I attended 8/14/19.


  • Randy Question:”How many bottles of serum do you sell a month?”
  • Dr Newman Answer: “About 40 bottles per month to clients.”
  • Randy: “How would you like to sell 40,000 per month?”
  • Doctor: “How do I do that?!”
  • Randy: “Give us the formula :-)”

龙八国际官网下载app代理 but that was the beginning of what would become a billion dollar company (…$1.4 Billion Dollars in revenue in 2018) with now 13 youth enhancement products.

This all started only ten years ago with one brilliant fresh idea!


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Own It龙八国际官网下载手机下载


Frustrated by your daily grind? Burnt out by your day job? Not inspired by your status quo?Don’t give up (by becoming a settler) Don’t quit on yourself (by stopping to dream) if you want a new lease on life… Own It and do it ASAP. Seriously your happiness is at stake

Too many treat life like it’s a life sentence, a life without choices and a lack of freedom.Too many stop dreaming completely, which can be lethal to your mindset and this makes it nearly impossible for you to live a life second to none!

龙八国际官网下载网页Make a Movie… “Huh what”, you say? Actually here is a challenge for you- Again, to Own Your Life. Make two autobiographical movies…

龙八国际官网下载彩金– The 1st one would be easy. It’s your life from today looking back. So it’s been scripted, you’re the screenwriter, director and play the leading part. Take that 1st movie put it up on the big screen and watch it. What is your reaction? Are you excited to see it, does it inspire you or make you weep at lost opportunities? What would others say? Would they tell their friends “Hey you have to see this new movie-it’s an epic tale!”?After you dwell on that exercise,it’s now time for the sequel…

龙八国际官网下载地址登录 the 2nd one is yet to be scripted, but again you’re the screenwriter, director and play the leading role. The really exciting idea about part II is you can make changes based on your life experiences in part I.

You can’t go back and start over…but you CAN BEGIN AGAIN RIGHT NOW!

龙八国际官网下载网址客户端Some Facts — I turned 62 last month, celebrated 20 yrs of marriage [8/14/19] to my beautiful life partner & wife Susan. I believe 100%, that the best life has to offer us is yet to come 🙂 So to create my movie pt II (and make script changes) I had to find another vehicle to replace income revenue generated by 43 plus years in the trades. Some would say to just keep making the same movie!

龙八国际官网下载二维码地址Why not make your own part II about how you lived your life and made it a “gotta see” classic? See here’s the thing- not to be morbid, but let’s just say, as part of this challenge you have to watch Your Movie Part II at the end of your life when it’s too late to change anything…